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Our Servicesx

Capacity Scape LLC provides generic as well as tailor-made training alongside experiential training in various locations such as Dubai, Turkey, Malaysia, Mauritius, Rome, and Israel among others.

Methodology our training delivery is categorized into three phases:
1. Pre-training,
2. Training delivery
3. Post-training

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Operation/Financial Management x

Phase 1:
Pre-training: Need assessment is carried out at this stage to ascertain and contrast the capacity, ability, and official functions of a target group. The skill gaps are identified in this process and appropriate modules are developed.

Phase 2:
Training delivery. At this phase, training is delivered utilizing an approach that is interactive, sector-based, friendly, and needs focused. The participants are provided courseware while illustrations shall be based on factual data of the client where appropriate. Also, our training delivery involves case studies, industry experience and exercises.

The assessment of the impact of the training on the participants is carried out to ascertain the value for money spent by the client. This assessment is done in a minimum of 6 weeks and a maximum of 52 weeks after the training depending on the nature of the training.
We have worked closely with public sector entities not for profit organizations financial and nonfinancial entities and microfinance to ensure they acquire an efficient and effective system that will manage their day-to-day operations and BCP.

We are currently working in partnership with a US based IT firm Microsoft to offer Dynamic Navision software Solution, We have seen this software uptake grow tremendously in this country with over 65% uptake in the market.
The solutions is super is solving reconciliation and debit/credit management and monitoring as well as availing real-time financial/operation & credit
• Corporate governance
• Roles of the Board
• Board Induction
• Corporate Recovery and Insolvency
• Knowledge management
• Management of new SACCOs
• Performance Management scorecards
• Women in leadership
• Financial Literacy
• Savings & Budgeting

Operation/Financial Management

-IFRS9, 15, 17 & 18
-Enterprise risk management
-Knowledge management
-Teller/Cashiering courses
-Performance Management using score cards
-Board/Delegates/Members training
-Guarantorship/Savings mobilization
-SACCO members Roles, rights
We provide consultancy services in the area of Development & Review of:
-Strategic plan
-Feasibility Study
-Customer satisfaction survey
-Product uptake & acceptance survey
-GAP analysis of a product
-Software & Core banking solution
-Dynamic Navision (by Microsoft)
-Audit, & Tax Advisory services.
Management Accounts services
-Bulk SMS, payments, transfers online platform (software)
-Corporate/Personal finance
-Human resource Management
-Marketing Courses
-Anti-Money laundering
-Cyber Crime & Security
-Cyber Defense Chapter
-Risk based approach in combating cyber crime
-Data analysis and security controls in combating cyber crime
-Digital forensic
-Forensic & system Audit
-Taxation & Budgeting
-Occupational health safety
-Interpretation of Financial statements
-Customer service
-Team building
-Work life & Family Integration
-Stress management

Exceptional quality has been synonymous with our brand, exceeding our clients expectations.